About Lost Music Key
The reviews of this blog will focus on artists who are lesser-known within the English-speaking j-pop community in the hopes that more people will learn of and love their work. These artists may still have sizable popularity and chart on the Oricon, but they are more obscure and do not have much coverage in English-language blogs. Therefore, even though I may like their music, I will not review artists like Angela Aki, UTADA Hikaru, OOTSUKA Ai, etc.

This blog will also take a more theoretical approach to songs, with discussion of arrangement, instrumentation, keys, etc. In that, I hope that this blog can be more objective while still expressing my opinion.

También yo hablo español, entonces si prefieren comentar en español, estaría bien!
Nasema Kiswahili pia, kwa hivyo ungependa kuniandikia kwa Kiswahili, sawa.

I will upload all files via Mediafire and use Rapidshare and Megaupload as backups, especially when a file exceeds 100mb. For albums, I will either upload a zip file of all the songs or/and try to upload songs for individual download, but this may end up excessively tedious. I will at least do one or the other, and the album’s title will be a link to the zip file. For singles, I will singularly upload all non-instrumental tracks; if you would like an instrumental/karaoke track, email me, and I will send it to you if I have it. Also, please comment to notify me if any links are broken or downloads expired, and I will fix them as soon as I can.

Grading System
A+ = Very rare level of high quality; put this on repeat
A = Superb
A- = Excellent
B+ = Good, but a little something is missing
B = average
B- = A bit below average; missing a major element, or it is poorly done
C+ = Tolerable
C = Has only one good element to support it
C- = Severely lacking
D = Horrendous
F = This song should not have been released

Banner: ONITSUKA Chihiro
About Header: KOKIA
User Icon: KAJIURA Yuki

Request Policy
You may request artists, but that doesn’t mean I will necessary post reviews on their music. If they are a popular and well-known artist, I will not review them, but I may listen if I have not heard them already. If you make a suggestion, I will take a listen, but if I don’t like the artist’s music at all, I will probably not take the time to post a review on them.

Affiliation Policy
I would love to have affiliates, but your blog must meet the criterion that it reviews predominately Asian music, preferably Japanese. Otherwise, your blog can be on WordPress or any other site, no matter the language, but again preferably English. To affiliate, leave a comment here or drop me an email.

If you use buttons to note affiliation, here is one you can use:

Thanks to Deni-chan, who provided the screencap that is the base of this button.

About the Writer
My nickname is Hitchi, and I started listening to Japanese music circa 2004, beginning with chiefly anime songs. Presently, I am an 20-year-old junior at Ohio Wesleyan University, and I am from a small suburb of Cleveland, OH. I am currently studying Japanese, Spanish, Swahili and Biology among other typical school subjects. Although I am predominately a writer, I play viola and dabble in piano, violin, cello, and voice. Politically, I am an independent liberal pessimistic about the United States’ political scene.
Favourite Composer: Kajiura Yuki
Favourite Singer: Onitsuka Chihiro
Favourite PV: Infection by Onitsuka Chihiro
Favourite Album: Insomnia by Onitsuka Chihiro
Favourite OST: Madlax 2 by Kajiura Yuki

email: mirror.of.eternity[at]gmail[dot]com


10 Responses to “About”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hey, I’d love to link up! You’re on my blog roll 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you put up next!

  2. lostwing Says:

    Hey ^^ I was just roaming around looking at review sites and I came upon yours :). You like the same artists as I do, so I couldn’t help wondering if you’d like to exchange links :).

    – Megumi

  3. lostwing Says:

    XD We mainly review American music for the fun of it. I spend most of my time seeing if the albums are really as bad (or as good) as people say they are XDDDD. Most of the time they’re pretty boring; sometimes they’re actually quite nice to listen to. Then there are the ones that are actually good that I must review XD. If you ever come across Vienna Teng’s music, she’s amazingly good.

    😀 I don’t even know what font I used on my banners XDDDD. (But you’re right according to my PSP XDD).

    – Megumi

  4. rosepetals19 Says:

    I came across your blog while looking into sites for music reviews, and I was pleasantly surprised to see you cover the albums you reviewed in such nice detail. It’s also nice that you review artists that are not mentioned much on English blogs.

    I came across your site looking for reviews on Las Vegas by Chihiro Onitsuka-I was about to post my own in sizable detail and wanted to see what other people thought about it. Needless to say, I thought your review was right on point-I would only say my opinion differs slightly because I saw a flare in “amphibious” that seemed different than what most people would note from her. Then again, I can understand how some may be turned off by it because it is so different from her previous discography.

    I put you on my blogroll to watch accordingly, I maintain my own J-music review site as well, but I tend to do a little bit of everything in terms of music review (J-pop/rock, K-music, and English music as well). Yet, I’m still trying to revamp my community and split out some of my reviews to make them easier to read.

  5. JJ Says:

    Would you link to link together? I’m a music review site, English-language, and I review a lot of music, though right now, mostly Japanese.


  6. request-

    this uberly under rated band – Garnet Crow
    Yuri, their lead singer had this really beautiful distinctive deep vocal!

    nana their lyricist also wrote pretty poetic lyric!

    try their
    Kimi to iu Hikari- The Light that is You

    Natsu no Maboroshi-Summer Illusions


    i mean since your blog hadn’t been introducing band, and i hadn’t seen any media blog witting on them, so yea so Garnet Crow! =]

  7. Hitchi Says:

    ^ Yeah, I like Garnet Crow! I was actually considering reviewing “Sekai wa Mawaru to Iu Keredo,” but then I decided to wait for their next single. I will definitely do that, then, as long as I do not find it horrible.

  8. lostwing Says:


    Thanks for the link exchange and the comment. I figured I should be a little more proactive as a member of Lost Wing, so I decided to drop you a line too! It’s rather amusing to see how well you and Megumi identify, at least in musical your musical tastes. XD Nice site (and I’ll surely check back, particularly for your Maaya reviews-yay). ^_^


  9. amaiyume Says:

    I changed my blogroll to Amai Wana. Wanna be new affiliates?


    Love your blog!

  10. bibomedia Says:


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