Here is a list of free sites accompanied by a description for each. I get most of my music from these sites, and they are invaluable resources for every jpop fan, especially us poor ones. ^^;

Gendou’s Anime Music
This is the largest database of anime music out there with over 4000 mp3s, and it’s free; one only need register an account for unlimited downloads, though donations are appreciated. The rules are a little strict, but easy to abide. There are also fansub downloads, live radio, and chat available.

A torrent tracker site with almost all jpop is existence available. You have to be invited in order to register an account, though. It is a great source for new & old music, though, and many new releases will download as fast as a direct download. Another nice feature is that the Oricon Weekly Top 30 available to get a good sampling of what’s currently popular in Japan.

Galbadia Hotel
This site has nearly every video game and anime soundtrack, as well as some j-pop music, especially that of more popular artists and those artists who have songs used in games and anime. Without a privilege account, each file must be downloaded individually, but the incredibly selection makes up for it.

Tiiko’s Media Dump
A large number of Japanese albums and singles available for direct download via Megaupload, a good selection. However, it is not updated very often.

Happii Kokia
A Spanish-English KOKIA fansite with every resource available on the chanteuse, including rare downloads.

Also, check out the sites on the blogroll for more reviews, downloads, and information! ^_^

A note: Japanese character encoding Japanese characters will be used on this site for song titles and such, accompanied by romaji transliterations. For those whose browsers cannot display Japanese, please refer to this Wikipedia article for text support.


2 Responses to “Resources”

  1. e-hime Says:

    hello, I’m the webmistress of happii KOKIA

    could you remove the password from your review? I don’t think that’s fair.

  2. e-hime Says:

    thank you very much for removing the password 🙂

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